♫♪  Taylor Swift - “22”

Yup. Everyone is out of the office today. :) They’re recovering from the Unisex Earplug thing, so I’m just sitting here alone, sipping some tea and fighting my second cold of the season. It’s lousy, you know? :P But the workload has been pretty brutal since our merger with Bud Light Platinum™, so I can’t really afford to take another sick day. Anyway, don’t tell Mr P, but I’m basically just squandering my time. I’m just sitting here sending messages back and forth to my girlfriend and surfing the web. (OMG. There are the most adorable hedgehog pictures on Buzzfeed right now! <:(#)!) Did I mention that, finally, this morning, I came across the new video for Taylor Swift’s totally ♫amazing♫song♫ “22?” OMG. You may not believe it, but Red really was a favorite of TMT’s last year. It made a number of our personal year-end lists (mine included!!!), but it somehow managed to avoid getting a place on our official list. D: But seriously, I’ve been watching this music video all day. I’m, like, a million of those views! ;) (Just turned it on again! LOL! I’m turning it up loud this time and wiggling around in my chain because I can!!! Thank GOD Alex R Wilson isn’t here to make fun of me for it! LOL!!!) So not only is it one of my favorite songs from the album, but it reminds me, in the midst of so much interoffice turmoil and backstabbing and SELLING OUR BEAUTIFUL SITE OFF TO THE LOWEST OF THE LOW BIDDERS (Seriously, BUD LIGHT PLATINUM™?) that we’re still young and free and alive! That our hipness is really just dork’ness in disguise! :D And that Taylor (<3<3<3) can make even the most hardened listener melt a little (A LOT!!!) into a puddle of red lipstick and ❤ hand hearts ❤ and glitter! Anyway, I reallllly need to get to work now. :( Marnie Stern reviews don’t write themselves, you know. (Maybe I’ll have time for a quick Starbucks run first? Need. More. Tea! :/ Blahhh. LOL.) But thanks so much for indulging me for a couple of minutes. Your loyal TMT #swiftie.

xoxox ✿

• Taylor Swift: http://instagram.com/taylorswift
• Big Machine: http://bigmachinelabelgroup.com

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