♫♪  Teengirl Fantasy - Thermal Remixed

If you didn’t catch 4real’s website for Teengirl Fantasy’s Thermal EP, restart your computer, close all unnecessary programs, and visit HERE.

Perhaps more than the EP itself, Thermal’s web experience alone encapsulates the aesthetic direction TGF has been undertaking as of recent. The project dips into the technological, utop-ic landscapes explored by many dance-crossover beatsmiths discovering how web design can enhance and expand their intended musical experiences. What the music lacks in depth is made up for in flawless presentation. The site is a singular achievement that realizes the web’s potential in realizing the long-sought technological dreams of electronic music.

Thermal Remixed works similarly by delegating creative-expansion to some of TMT’s favorite artists. Lotic, Dinamarca, Holly Waxwing, and Joey Anderson deliver new imaginations of “U Touch Me” and “Lung” that help breath new life into Teengirl’s shiny design. The original rendition of “Lung” was an uncomfortably entrancing track to begin with, presenting an odd Björk-ian performance from the powerfully forward Lafawndah. Lotic makes the track squirm and ascend through his signature synth-work, letting the mix liquify around Lafawndah’s voice.

Scope the Lotic jam below and download the whole thing via iTunes:

• Teengirl Fantasy: http://www.teengirlfantasy.com
• Break World Records: http://www.breakworldrecs.com

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