♫♪  Tennis Rodman - “Overused”

So it’s like 3 AM-ish (late night), and you know the drill; you got that dreaded bright and early start in the morning, and your thinking, “Fuck that, I’ll be fine.” Because I got like 10-plus tabs open RN and I’m about to have me some of that good ol’ web surfin’ fun, nah mean? But it’s one of them days where it’s like link after link of just meh-iffy kinda shit, and lots of “yeah, I don’t know about that” type of stuff. And yet, for whatever reason you keep on browsing, as you do, and then BOOM! You happen upon that fresh-ass next-level dopeness like this right here new Tennis Rodman joint. And despite the fact that you’re gonna feel like absolute shit and that those 45 minutes of precious sleep you get in will pretty much render you useless at work in the morning, the pleasure of that little late night discovery of tasty audible goodness kind of makes it all seem worth it, no? (Call me crazy). [Editor’s note: I’m believing that lil Bosley is a bit batty! ;)]

Anyway, Tennis Rodman (coldest rap name in the universe by the way) is one cool MF. I mean, just look at dude all crouchin’ and such in this video, looking like a straight up hood Serpico. He’s been steady dropping flames this year on some real-ass noisy Thuggian shit. But damn, 251 views? I nearly shed a tear when I saw that, yo, people are sleepin’ on the kid. Not for long though, you can bet when he drops that tape full of top-to-bottom heaters people finna stop snoozing real quick. So peep this if you know what’s good for you!

• Tennis Rodman: https://soundcloud.com/morpheeus

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