♫♪  Thaiboy Digital - “2 tHe StArZ” feat. Bladee

I remember when “Tiger” turned the universe inside-out back in March. People didn’t even bat an eye as they were too busy fussin’ about some other bullshit. Thats cool, but if they ain’t know, they ain’t know. Neo-Stockholm is on fire rn and the city’s ablaze. Immortal fire-breathers Thaiboy Goon and Bladee done enkindled the whole goddamned thing.

Whitearmor sits this one out unfortunately, I guess he’s finally taken that long deserved breather. His production and Gravity Boy’s vocals have this kind of symbiotic relationship, where any other producer underneath them just doesn’t sound right, but luckily (Chiraq via Japan) DJ Kenn’s glossy drill-indebted sheen fits the part darn well.

It’s been a hot minute since Bladee’s GLUEE, but word is, after Thaiboy drops that debut mixtape of his – ส – Shield Gang in it’s entirety are finna come together like the Megazord and show the rap game what’s what, HARDBODY. ☆☆☆☆☆.

• Thaiboy Digital: https://soundcloud.com/gravityboys
• Bladee: https://soundcloud.com/bladee1000

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