♫♪  The Body - “To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me”

After their mammoth 2013 album Christs, Redeemers unceremoniously collapsed your chest and threw your stuporous mass of bones and tissue into the shallow end of the pond to heal among the muck and the lily tendrils feebly lacing around your limbs, you’d think The Body might need to take a breather. Maybe gather their wits, gather your wits, lie low in the shadows for a minute. False: The Body never rests. The Portland-based duo’s next full-length LP I Shall Die Here smashes into our consciousnesses on April 1st, and the boys brought along some backup for this round: sub-bass-mongering dark ambient warlord Haxan Cloak (whose Excavation LP still astounds with each spin). Independently, both artists continue to push the limits of extreme recording practices, capturing bowel-rending bass tones and noise-charred treble/static voices on their ongoing quests to replicate the apocalyptic blast of their live performances. Together on the same session, The Body and Haxan Cloak overlay their trademark tropes (death-howl vocals, whistling synth samples, sludge-paced live drums, skittering dub edits) into cavernous mixes collectively saddled with enough negative ions from both camps to charge your grimmest reveries well after the music ends.

The video for I Shall Die Here cut “To Carry The Seeds Of Death Within Me,” directed by Richard Rankin (the man behind these previous The Body visual masterstrokes), introduces us to a character capable of mirroring the music’s singular horror. His goals and motivations are clear. His methods: sound. He gazes at himself, and we gaze at him. Prepare yourself to witness his task.

• The Body: http://atalossrecordings.com
• Haxan Cloak: http://haxancloak.tumblr.com
• RVNG Intl.: http://igetrvng.com/

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