♫♪  The Cyclist - “Bones in Motion”

Currently, scientists off the coast of all coasts are creating the first man-made human. This ain’t no joke. And proof is popping up on mainlands. Yet, the main-island laboratory has only produced the entire internal skeleton and some organs: the brain, eyes, some vocal processing, lungs, a heartbeat, all stuffed with tubes until further… more. Frighteningly enough, this man-made human so far can’t turn colors to images, and since it’s been placed within a tank of liquid, the blur of sight strengthens and will eventually enhance its vision. This “project” has the potential to become a perfectly evolved human.

However, as all humans, this one has a common hobby: dancing. And when it puts those “Bones in Motion,” dancing in color and smeared visuals become their own versions of clubbing. Usually it dances while one scientist, dubbed The Cyclist, hops on her stationary bike and rides to burn while listening to “endless possibilities of electronic music,” as other listeners/witnesses have attested. She provides joy and release in the mind of this “project” and actually made it possible for the “project” to enjoy its hobby of dancing whenever it wishes. The Cyclist also made it available to the public in cassette and double LP formats on Leaving Records, dedicating the title to all Bones in Motion within natural life.

• The Cyclist: https://soundcloud.com/the-cyclist
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com

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