♫♪  The Guys - “Flee”

Dynamic Chicago hip-hop duo The Guys (blood brothers Heavy Smelly and Fya Starta) — still smoldering in the embers of their fantastic, style-hopping one-two-three punch of loosies — are kind of an enigma.

Chicago hip-hop fans longing for a reprieve from the hard-and-fast aesthetic lines of the philosophical Either/Or that is Drill/Bop would be more than willing to put their support behind the group, who appear to be equally adept at doing the en vogue styles and doing whatever the fuck they want, but songs and videos remain frustratingly scant.

This Elevator Mag-shot music video for the duo’s steel drum-driven bop anthem “Flee” harkens back to the long-standing hip-hop tradition of YouTube-hosted videos about blowing up on YouTube, featuring footage of The Guys Googling themselves and excerpts from fan-made bopping videos, plus a whole lot of YouTubes-within-YouTubes to get your meta-narrative gears all greased up: “A million views on YouTube/ Tell haters R.I.P.”

Goddamn, The Guys, y’all always flee… Look for their self-titled debut, coming soon.

• The Guys: https://twitter.com/WeTheGuys_

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