♫♪  The Mighty Jones - “Rumblepack”

You’ve been living a lie. All these years you thought that hip-hop producer Blockhead — known for his work with Aesop Rock, Cage, Illogic, billy woods and MarQ Spekt, among others — was just a regular NYC dude in a baseball cap. A BU dropout who went on to parody fraternity life as one half of Def Jux’s Party Fun Action Committee, along with Jers (now known as Sir Jarlsberg). The truth, my friends, is far more sinister.

In reality, the Party Fun Action Committee was no joke. It was a secret society with plans to brainwash the masses and possess beautiful, otherwise perfectly rational, women (Bayli Mckeithan of The Skins and Joanna Erdos of The Midnight Show) to join them in their conquest for world dominion. Aiding them in their dastardly plot is The Giraffes’ Damien Paris, whose guitar shredding channels the audio-hypnotic spells of Blockhead’s knob turning to ensnare distressed damsels across the land. Meanwhile, Manhattan’s most wicked rap producah peers down from his ivory tower, cheating at Scrabble and cackling at the misery of the worker drones below as they unknowingly toil like ants to build upon his hill of wealth.

• The Mighty Jones: http://www.themightyjones.com
• Wreckroom Records: http://wreckroom.tv

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