The Sea and Cake
“On and On”

It’s pretty intense how long The Sea and Cake has been around, here in 2012 with their ninth full-length record, Runner. And, typically, it’s awesome. I mean, when you’ve got four musicians this cosmically (aquatically, breezily, etc.) aligned and this good at what they do (Sam’s smokey voice, Eric’s super-slinky bass lines, John’s unfaltering drums, and Archer… oh Archer… he’s cute. No, he’s also a really, really good guitarist), there’s basically no way to screw it up.

Anyway, enough rambling about how great the band is; I just wanted an excuse to post the poppy lead number to the record “On and On,” and Nowness sure gave me that by premiering this video on Sunday. Directed by Naomi Nagata, it’s just the eye candy I needed: a stop-motion animation of sand on a scroll, expertly arranged in such a way that the essence of line as an artistic concept is given copious amounts of life and character, much in the same way Chuck Jones did with his classic cartoon.

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