So, I assume errrybody you know (and yourself) is fluing up way hard this season. Well, my brother Todd was in New York during the holiday conducting some sort of internalized confidential experiment, and, you guessed it, the experiment went pandemic, and America has been sick with it since. Like, this ain’t no shit. Mickey saw them post his picture on two local NY television late-night news programs. Actually, I just saw on the office building lounge television an artist’s interpretation of Todd, and it was the devil. And, like the wave in the TigerStripe video for “Genesis,” the pandemic stretched itself going west. Kind of like watching the weather forecast, only this flu wind is traveling back in time and space, the same travel TigerStripe commits to on his new release Prismacolour, his extremely adventurous (to my enjoyment) follow-up to 2011’s Imaginary Numbers on Digitalis. Coincidence or not, the relation of this video to my bro’s pandemic is a sign, y’all. Secrets are being spilled, and Prismacolour contains them. You want a cure? You want answers? Scope Prismacolour as soon as you can handle it!

• TigerStripe: http://iamtigerstripe.tumblr.com

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