♫♪  Tired All The Time - “Little Pieces”

Tossing and turning all night but tired throughout the day? Do you have thoughts of rage when interacting with corporate authority? Experiencing pain or persistent discomfort when realizing your diminished significance in late-stage capitalism?

I can’t legally provide a diagnosis with answers to any of those questions, but I do have a remedy on hand not as legally questionable: Tired All The Time. Headquartered in Washington D.C., TATT’s brand of dystopian pop-punk is as quirky as it is contagiously poignant. Fresh out of the final phase of clinical trials at the FDA is the music video for “Little Pieces.” Sample sizes are limited, but this viewer reported experiencing enthusiasm for Big Pharma aesthetics, ideation on corporate wellness, and a desire to cut dollar bills into a million little pieces.

Warning: Some consumers of “Little Pieces” indicated strong pain when subjected to daily routine, frantic movements correlated with awesome rock during viewing, as well as other antisocial behavior in reaction to these symptoms. Tired All The Time assumes no legal or financial liability for any mischief resulting from viewing. But I’m sure they’d be a little understanding.

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