♫♪  Tirzah - “Malfunction”

She plucked the daffodils guiltily. Late at night, from a municipal flower bed in the middle of a busy roundabout. A Land Rover honked at her as she crossed back onto the pavement. “They were dying anyway,” she said to nobody. She attempted to prolong that small splinter of life by putting the flowers in a discarded beer bottle filled with mucky puddle water. By the time she had got home, the flowers looked pale and defeated, positively off-putting to any marauding insect intent on pollination. That night she dreamed of being attacked by giant daffodils, who pinned her down in a huge book and ‘pressed’ her into flat mortification for a pretty piece of paper. In the morning, the flowers looked more alive than ever.

Tirzah is all grainy hiccups and incredulous stares on new jam “Malfunction.” A rolling home movie set the morning after her last Ultimate Fighter party anthem. It ploughs a more casual musical and lyrical minimalism, words torn out of an MSN chatbox, one side of a dialogue, partly unanchored from it’s intimate context but implying (as with memory itself) such presence in its absences.

Tirzah’s new No Romance EP is out April 21 via Greco-Roman Records, produced by Mica Levi (a.k.a. Micachu). You can also hear the gorgeous title track over at the Greco-Roman Sound Cloud.

• Tirzah : https://www.facebook.com/TirzahMusic
• Greco-Roman Records : http://greco-roman.net

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