♫♪  Torn Hawk - “Feeling is Law”

Reward for “doing good” is getting something you’ve never had a desire to dabble in. So, having left on Torn Hawk’s “Feeling is Law” YouTube video, the songs there-after would refresh and continue changing, and I couldn’t do anything about it, as I had my hands tied (maybe literally). What I got were tracks by Rostam, ANOHNI, Lady Gaga, and (three songs by) Sam Smith. And considering all my work is hands-on, manual labor, that masculine vibe Luke Wyatt (the tear behind the hawk) is constantly pushing within his aesthetic — SEE: his 2014 titles Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time and Through Force Of Will; his Quadrifolio also included some wonderfully cis poems too — was completely snapped over the knee with what YouTube selected to play there-after. Not that I can’t fuck with ANOHNI, Lady Gaga, and Sam Smith (considering dropping the greatest pop record of this decade soon), but just the break up from that “Feeling is Law” bombastic sound just made my flow jagged.

Anyhow, to back up the whole “masculine aesthetic,” even literally “Feeling is Law” demands this notion or (even) reminder to submit self to emotion. As if it weren’t just a perpetually natural event throughout all our days. Yet, this is where Torn Hawk remains interesting, and an artist, portraying self in existence of self via art that harnesses both the metaphysical and avocal. It speaks to everyone without lyrics telling listeners how to live. The existence of “Feeling is Law” creates a castle of thoughts just waiting to be explored and ventured. Also, side-quest, if you haven’t heard his mix Live from Mom’s basement yet either, it’s an ULTRA treat.

Pre-order for Torn Hawk’s Union and Return is up now on Mexican Summer, so grip it or the bundle for maximum longevity!

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