♫♪  Torn Hawk - “I’m Flexible”

It seems that Luke Wyatt’s solution to the heartbreak problems would be quite different than most people’s way of dealing with it: instead of hitting the bottle (or turn to similarly self-destructive pursuits), he proposes to sweat it out, as exemplified in the title of his new album: Let’s Cry and Do Pushups at the Same Time. The track that promotes the album follows the gym-friendly ideology of Torn Hawk. “I’m Flexible” walks the line between dynamic electronic workout soundtracks and melancholic, drunk guitar workouts, which works as a musical translation of the album’s title, gradually shifting from the quirky hypnagogic pop to the emotion-fueled electric solo towards the end. And the YouTube video is worth watching, too — there’s too much happening there to consider it a simple audio track with a picture in the background and also too little to consider it a music video. This one, too, is an example of walking somewhere between. Combining wild video editing with fragments of other videos, it complements the cut-up music with unique plunder-visuals.

Let’s Cry and Do Pushups at the Same Time will be available November 11 via Mexican Summer.

• Torn Hawk: http://tornhawk.com
• Mexican Summer: http://www.mexicansummer.com

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