♫♪  Toro Y Moi - “Say That”

Do you ever feel like lying down in a pile of ferns and staring off wistfully into the horizon? Do you dream of planking a redwood branch? Are your Saturdays spent standing in bucolic mountain pastures? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably eat way too much granola, and I’m willing to bet that you smell like patchouli and trail mix. But you’ll probably also dig Toro Y Moi’s new video for “Say That,” in which Chazwick Bundick does all of these things and more. Besides being incredibly pretty to look at, the clip is a riot from start to finish and will no doubt serve as inspiration for some of this year’s best ways to attract a mate, including: creepily staring at your object of affection from behind a tree (0:55), seductive plant-pushing (1:14), and, of course, the good ol’ shuffle (2:40, 3:54). Ah, the great outdoors.

• Toro Y Moi: http://www.toroymoi.blogspot.com
• Carpark: http://www.carparkrecords.com

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