♫♪  Tropa Macaca - “A Mente Certa”

Take everything you ever knew about reality and go FUCK yourself. You think this is a game? Something built upon thousands of dollars spent each month for people to talk about you? Tropa Macaca can melt listeners’ imaginations without hyped help. And it’s about how the individual feels it out, right? Let me tell you what: I’ve nothing that can change your mind either. Unless you’re a fan of Tropa Macaca. ‘Cause in that case, here’s the new video for “A Mente Certa.” And if the visuals aren’t a trip themselves, the music will spiral your psyche subtly outta control. No doubt, if you find yourself rolling and laughing on the floor after hearing this video, it’s a typical reaction, so when you snap out of it, be not embarrassed. You just experience an epiphany in music, and most likely it’ll happen again. DO NOT DRIVE while listening to “A Mente Certa” by Tropa Macaca, but you can do pretty much anything else! :)

• Tropa Macaca: http://www.tropamacaca.com

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