♫♪  U.S. Girls - “New Age Thriller”

It may be nearly halfway through 2016, but Meg Remy’s U.S. Girls project is still jammin’ pretty dance-y, funky, sci-fi-hard on all the great 2015 vapors still floating off of last year’s TMT-approved Half Free album, which you can still snag over-by-there at 4AD.

And she’s kinda hopin’ YOU can still get a little high huffing those vibes too, because she’s already underway with a brand new 2016 tour support it (go here for remaining dates). But just to make it all that much more enticing, she’s also decided to hit us with an extra little pick-me-up: a new dystopian fever-video for album track “New Age Thriller”. The clip was directed by Remy’s own father-in-law Ross Turnbull (who apparently is one hell of a soccer player. I don’t know how he finds any time to make spooky black-and-white music videos!) “The song is unsettling and odd and for some reason, it brought to my mind [Jean-Luc] Godard’s [film] Alphaville, concerned as it is with a society that’s lost its capacity for love and empathy,” Turnbull says. “I tried to emulate a little of his spirit in a couple of set-ups… I shot the demolition footage at Toronto’s Regent Park, an old public housing complex that’s being razed for replacement by condos.” Nothin’ more unsettling than society sucking-dick at being empathetic, that’s for sure. I have nightmares about it all the time. Check it out.

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