Various Artists: Tranquility Tapes
Duets II

Yet again, Tranquility Tapes has gathered an eclectic bunch of banderling outsider musicians ready to rip at your reactor core(s). Duets II comes at a cost in waging a sonic war against wave after wave of tracks that dig deep into your mode of audible transformation. As language is to culture, the sound variety on this compilation will trash at the task of each translator and call forth a parade of meanings only one can mark as their own. Visuals encapsulate the masses in a real way here, but on such an individual basis, who KNOWS what you’ll see.

Duets II is relentless and won’t give up as it reels away your afternoon blues and takes you to colors you’ve yet to witness. Tranquility Tapes got that young creative madness blistering at your brain stems with heavy hitters and new bloods surrounded by an atmosphere of swirls and sizzles. So treat your imagination already to Tranquility Tapes’ newest collection captured on Duets II. It’s a c100 tape that includes Dozens, Glass House, Cream Juice, Roped Off, Perspectives, Nite Lite, Pendulums, Urkas, Coyote Image Revisited, and Morae. BANG!!!

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