“Temper of the Age”

Technology is inherently human. Whether you judge this now or 500 years from now, there will always be human characteristics in technology. Thus, playing an acoustic guitar through the most effects-absorbed production makes Villages something of tomorrow’s sensitive songwriter. “Temper of the Age,” and most noted by the video, presents a time and art once passed, still struggling to project through the softest and most delicate environment. Fragility is key here, as sound is carefully swelled and molded into a sculpture of acute ear massage. “Temper of the Age” is off Villages (Ross Gentry, Asheville, NC resident droner)’s Theories of Ageing LP on Bathetic Records. He also released a tape on Bathetic this year and a 3-inch CD-R on KimDawn. Hit it all up now before you hear it from someone two years from now and physical shit’s all expensive. Dig?

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