♫♪  Vox Nihili - “Faust (Dominant Mix)”

Full screen, full volume, right now, you and you:

Well, that’s one way to get your industrial techno: No frills, no stereo, no dynamics. Just

Boom. Pow. Boom. Pow. Boom. Pow. Boom. Pow. Boom. Pow. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. On. Your. Damn. Skull. ‘Til. You. Can’t. See. Straight. Now. Now. Now. Now. Right. Now. Right. Boom. Pow. Boom. Pow.

Pointed to this track and its subsequent tape release for the Neuromodulations label by the fine Tachyons+ VHS surveillance video manipulation you can find below, courtesy of Bleu Nuit Video’s Rob Feulner, who blew me away last year with his incredible video-synth-opera “Faces of Emmanuelle.”

• Neuromodulations: http://neuromodulate.tumblr.com

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