♫♪  Wave Temples - “Deep Waves”

What if the Predator wasn’t a dick, and instead of destroying jungles with arm bombs, chose to explore the depths of the earth and watch life grow? And what if his heat vision got all altered and made everything look as if it did radiate heat, even if it didn’t? Well, if you’re curious as to what that might look like, the above clip for “Deep Waves” by Wave Temples gives you a pretty good idea. Created by broken machine films, this beaut mixes that zoned out alien vision with the deep, peaceful winds and tones of Wave Temples music, and the two work wonderfully together.

“Deep Waves” is a cut off of Wave Temples’ Sleeping Tortugas, recently released on Rotifer Cassettes. The rest of the album falls in line with “Deep Waves”, containing romantic streams of paradise life that quickly rise and fall and fade into each other. Imagine fine, white sand and satin sifted through cheesecloth, then poured into a tape reel already filled with melodically simple yet beautifully choosen keyboard lines, as well as tropical field recordings which withhold all traces of heavy storms or the stings of bug bites, allowing only the soft sprinkles of rain and the call and response of birds to validate one’s secret time under a palm tree, and you’d be close to what the tape sounds like.


Wave Temples: http://wavetemples.tumblr.com
Rotifer Cassettes: http://www.rotifercassettes.com

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