♫♪  We Will Fail - “V2.06”

Warsaw based visual artist turned sonic explorer Aleksandra Grünholz originally released her stunning sophomore album Verstörung 2.0 for the Polish listeners on experimental electronic oriented label MonotypeRec in the late fall of 2014. The record is now getting a re-release for a wider audience on the same label, and is promoted by a mesmerizing video directed by Olga Ozierańska. Set to the slowly drifting, ethereal muffled pulsing soundscape, it’s a metaphysical art film taking a foray into the alienation and strange explorations of the two protagonists, who conduct a series of “Codex Seraphinianus” level experiments and discover a strange mixture which probably carries some terrifying truth - just like the entire album by Grünholz.

• We Will Fail: http://wewillfail.com

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