Don’t you just love cat videos? I know I do. Whether they’re trying to avoid taking a bath, or playing with a ball of yarn, or just being generally goofy — whatever they’re doing, I always love it! The video above is my current favorite cat video. I don’t like the background music very much (I’m more a Brooks & Dunn man myself), and everything that leads up to the cat isn’t really my cup of tea either (what does it all mean?), but when that little feline pops up on my internet computer screen, I sound just like a Full House audience member during a touching moment. I just can’t help myself!

• WANDA GROUP: http://wandagroup.bandcamp.com
• ARAFAT GROUP: https://soundcloud.com/wetprincethroatband
• WET AMANDA: https://www.youtube.com/user/saxophones

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