♫♪  Wet Hair - “Camouflage”

You know, you know — Wet Hair’s “Camouflage” is nice. I mean, it’s nice and ‘_’ and nice. Like, it smiles at you mentally while providing a hard stare-down. And going from two to three members made an enormous groove change for the group. New pup Justin Thye brings them good-feelin’ bass rifts straight off some melted, late-1980s warped cassettes. You can also feel the electro-Americana sizzle in front of you. So pick it up, put it in a bun, and eat it already. Hold the relish. It’s weirder to hear how both Shawn Reed’s and Ryan Garbes’ sounds mesh so well. I suppose it’s just due to spending their musical lifetime pretty much together. This video is also way “Camouflage” in visuals and color and mesh. Only thing better than watching the ocean blur is jumping in while Wet Hair’s Spill Into Atmosphere blares off your speakers. Find it at De Stijl, both on LP and CD.

• Wet Hair: http://wethair.bandcamp.com
• De Stijl: http://www.destijlrecs.com

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