♫♪  White Suns - “Priest in the Laboratory”

So there you are, in the breakfast nook, about to tuck into a nice cup of chai. You prefer to call this room the “veranda,” but your better half insisted on the “nook.” Maybe it’s more of a “conservatory,” or like —


A peal of feedback rends the air, windows shatter, and objects hit the hardwood: snare drum, distortion pedal, a mic and an XLR cable. Three men climb in over the broken glass and start setting up right there next to the table. “Excuse me, but wha-” You realize that it’s White fucking Suns. In your veranda. White Suns is playing in your veranda (your veranda). But who’s this fourth guy, and what is that he’s carrying? Oh my god it’s RICK WEAVER, 1/3 of Form A Log, 100% of Dinner Music, the veritable Mozart of tape culture. “B-, b-, bu-, but.” You’re too star struck to even speak with all these underground heavyweights in your veranda. You don’t question Mr. Weaver as he straps his mysterious device over your eyes: it looks cobbled together from cardboard, raw meat, paste, feathers, driftwood, turquoise jewelry. Some kind of basement-born Oculus Rift. The band starts playing. You know the tune. It’s “Priest in the Laboratory.” But when Weaver’s visuals hit your retinas, shit gets really real. What did you do to deserve such an honor?

White Suns made a stunning record called Totem and released in on The Flenser in March. The label is out of copies, but you can find them at Midheaven. Or ask the band to sell you one before they leave the veranda.

• White Suns: http://whitesuns.bandcamp.com
• The Flenser: http://theflenser.com

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