Wolfgang Voigt
“Kafkatrax 2.1”

Wolfgang Voigt is the chap who partly owns and partly founded Kompakt. This is no mean feat considering the label has pushed a pioneering breed of grainy minimal techno artists to the forefront of dance music (see their highly revered total series, now in its 12th incarnation, for a broad brush insight). It doesn’t seem like he’s slacking much on the production side either, with a hilarious number of pseudonyms under his belt (Resident Advisor ascribe 18 monikers to the guy).

Kafkatrax is an album accumulated from three highly exclusive, hand-painted EPs released in the last few months. In this creative endeavor, Voigt restricted his sampling to one kick drum and a Kafka audiobook, somehow warping the words into fleeting harmonies, melodies, and unintelligible vocals. The result is thoroughly disturbing techno that would probably alienate most of the dance floor, which is of course a perfect tribute to Mr. Kafka himself. The record will see its full release on the 11th of October through another of Voigt’s imprints, Profan.

• Wolfgang Voigt: http://www.wolfgang-voigt.com/en

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