♫♪  The World Is Unreal Like A Snake In A Rope - [trailer for a Sublime Frequencies film by Robert Millis]

Sounds fucking sweet:

A collage of sights and sounds from the eternal never-ending collage that is INDIA. A trip through the Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu featuring Hindu trance ceremonies, free jazz nagaswaram improvisations, impossibly loud cities, processions, devotion, blessings, color, abstractions, detail, music and more. India is impossible to know: it is too vast, too rich and too much of a dream, it is impossibly old and impossibly new. Offered here is one perspective, one dream, subjective and flawed, hanging by a thread, captured live and in the moment and in the midst. One journey revealed in the order it happened. Not quite ethnography. Not quite documentary.

The World Is Unreal Like A Snake In A Rope, directed by Robert Millis (Climax Golden Twins), will be released soon on DVD via Sublime Frequencies.

• Sublime Frequencies: http://www.sublimefrequencies.com
• Climax Golden Twins: http://www.climaxgoldentwins.com

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