“Are you okay?”
Yeah, just fine, thanks!
“You sure you’re okay?”
Yep. No need for concern.
“You seem agitated, though.”
I’m fine. Just trying to enjoy the—
“Red light. RED LIGHT!!!”
*stops car abruptly*
Here we are.
“You stop the car really angry, why’d you do that?”
You were yelling. It scared me.
“Are you okay?”
Now I am. You scared the crap outta me, but I’m okay now.
“Because you seem mad. Are you mad?”
“You’re being short with me.”
I’m just not understanding where you’re going with asking me about my feelings, is all.
“I knew you were mad.”
I said I was mad?
“Turn down the music, these people are right next to us with their family, and their windows are down.”
Are you okay?

PINKBOX TELEPORT will haunt you like a loved one on a Sunday afternoon in a bit of traffic:

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