♫♪  Yasutaka Nakata - “Pico Pico Tokyo (feat. Momo Mashiro)”

Yasutaka Nakata, the best thing that’s ever happened to human life, has just dropped a new song, titled “中田ヤスタカ - ぴこぴこ東京 (feat. 眞白桃々)” (“Pico Pico Tokyo”). Best known for his work with Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu — and most recently with an AI YouTuber — the Japanese superproducer here teams up with Momo Mashiro for an earworm of a track with all the classic Nakata traits — syncopated chords, propulsive Game Boy melodies, and intricate, sprightly rhythms — perfect pop to soundtrack some side-scrolling adventures through your closest, cutest Harajuku-esque neighborhood.

According to ARAMA! Japan, the singer was discovered by Nakata in partnership with Lawson, a convenience store franchise in Japan, who held a contest in 2016 to find a singer among their 170,000 employees. She was first featured on “Jump In Tonight,” a track off Nakata’s 2018 solo debut, Digital Native.

Watch the track’s video above by Somehoodlum. It’s super kawaii <3.

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