♫♪  Yatta - “Desert Song” / Spirit Said Yes!

A resident of New York City’s Silent Barn venue and art space who premiered this latest EP via Mask Magazine a few days ago, Yatta is on that same fragmented, distorted, histrionic and electronic implosion of black vocal music history as serpentwithfeet and Yves Tumor, for sure, but if those two take total collapse as their starting point and crawl back out, Yatta is having quite a bit more fun jumping between relatively untouched songbook stuff — “aint misbehaving” — and incantatory drone electronics — “Desert Song” and it’s accompanying video. Cyborg aesthetics are nothing new for the new new folk musics, but Yatta’s gentle and often subtly devastating approach is a lovely step towards a sonic environment aesthetics are now as much a part of emotional and cultural history as any other signifier, joining a free flux with geography and identity.

Stream or purchase Yatta’s fluid compression of sonic history below, and click PLAY on that “Desert Song” video if it’s to your liking to do so.

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