♫♪  YBN Nahmir - “Rubbin Off The Paint (Prod by Izak)”

YBN Nahmir…. He’s a suave 17 year old from Birmingham that just MIGHT…dare I say it…go viral?!?!?!!??! That’s the goal of most teens these days, right? Especially teens who are rappers. In any case, it’s all here: a simple head-bobbing instrumental, flow for days, effortless shit. He settles into Izak’s lucid, breezy instrumental with Carti-esque ardor, and though “Rubbin Off the Paint” has the stylistic fervor of the ever-buzzworthy *mumble* rap, it doesn’t quite qualify, as his ad-libs hardly fight for the spotlight, and his words are delivered with undeniable clarity, style, and precision. Perfect for those omfg-summer’s-almost-over drives, nahmean?

Peep the video (dir. by @waterwippinevan) above.

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