♫♪  Yialmelic Frequencies - “Oozeland”

Could you imagine what our world would be like if people like Diva Dompe were in charge? One could almost imagine her doing public speeches (called Yialmelic Frequencies, of course) on such a hush, people would be able to expand their hearing and mindset for more telekinetic healing power. Brains growing with internal bursts of EURKA. Forever love.

Yialmelic Frequencies is the instrumental ASMR-triggering electronic music experimentations from starseed Diva Dompé. Channeled from her home planet Yialmel, Yialmelic Frequencies collects the instrumental layers Diva has created and archived at dublab.com for her monthly guided-meditation radio show “Yialmelic Transmissions” - Zjumk is the first album in a series of volumes from this channeled reserve. Expect more forthcoming full-length albums this year from Diva on Leaving Records.

Treat yourself to the Yialmelic Frequencies’ “Oozeland” video directed by Adam Ferriss above, and enjoy the new, full release of Zjumk below:

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