♫♪  Yves Malone - “Extortion of the Heart”

Blend some 70s surf videos with a little ‘92 special effects visa-vi Windows, MS Paint (forever), next level magic 3D simulator, yes: Yves Malone is getting deep with “Extortion of the Heart.” Podracers. Dropout canyons on the hyper marble with a bit of neon paint one swallows half on accident and half “to prove a point.” And there ain’t no reason to prove a point to Juliette, Romeo, because she already booed up another tree’s bark, so go bury your bone to bed and sleep on it so rethinking your level of testosterone checks its ego. RESET BUTTON. If only sleeve knives existed. Or maybe a pause button? An actual zipper pocket for hotsauce in your bag. Pears. Yves Malone synthetically melts “Extortion of the Heart” into a cuddle-puddle of warm AND fuzzies. Drop by Field Hymns Records for more information

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