♫♪  Zak Mering - GUNKTV Volume 1

check it out, its my best work I have ever done it my life, it def was put this together, and it was only available on VHS and 20 were made but not its on youtube for first time ever with fixed audio! check it out!”

— Zak Mering

Sometimes, when the ol’ WWW isn’t accelerating forward at an impossible pace, it can still manage to reflect aspects of offline life. Take this mysterious video GUNKTV Volume 1 for example. Receiving the e-mail about this one was like buying an unmarked home video from Goodwill. “Hmm. What’s this all about?” Sometimes you take the swing and miss. And sometimes you strike such gold that after two hours of watching frantic VHS cuts (finally re-“streamed” via YouTube, in this case) directly into your psyche, you snap back to reality, lift your jaw back into place, and thank the WWW Gods that Youtube allows retro-genius like this a wider distribution than the original edition of 20 VHS tapes which ended up who-knows-where.

Each of the video’s 107 minutes is so absurdly Chocolate Grinder that I… I can’t even…

• GUNK TV RECORDS: http://gunktvrecords.blogspot.com

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