September 15, 2013: D/P/I - “DEPRESSION SESSION”

Alex Gray: a human being wearing the mask of D/P/I, asking-me, me-asking, “How is it to be normal?” Exactly what-is(?) the-life(!) we’ve been expecting to lead.(,,,) Talking to people for three years without two front teeth. And 2013 was a stiff/stuck year for Fresh Roses to drop upon pre-popularized Bandcamp and SoundCloud life. We’re all trying to be better than Bill Murray, so we ignore our lives as Groundhog Day. Straight to the deep-end around 1:36 AM, having awoke at 5 AM the morning before and not retaining a wink. Vibrancy in the most awoke moments restricting the woke movement. 2013 was a year in a room — where there was no one else — while it was still is 2013. Specifically This Question: where do you remember hearing Fresh Roses for the first time? If you haven’t yet, be my guest:

One of the singles plucked from Fresh Roses was “DEPRESSION SESSION.” Well, unsure if it’s more an exasperation than a single. Or “video.” Like never answering the phone anymore; “I may have the wrong number.” It’s falling asleep at 8 PM or 5 PM… “OMG, girl: 5 PM?” Sharing vibration is farting! #gUtt3r@L A sushi that rotted, having swam to a level of dehydration that was supposed to be soft!!!! So that your expression is big inside. The mind’s architecture yourself physically and mentally, like a tube — *shake-it-out emoji* and “You can do whatever the fuck you want to do!” Entrepreneurship as manifest destiny. Hunting within the grey area. D/P/I is the most postmodern simulacra James-Bond villain; D/P/I’s entire discography is the antithesis of chaos. A satire of purity. As “DEPRESSION SESSION” takes; takes us; takes us away; t a K e S u S a W a Yy f R o Mm— — T A K E S A F U C K I N G L E F T O R W E G O N E RUuunnint2—oo—

“Yes, Internet, a proper noun, is always capitalized, whereas website is not. Some people may believe that the word Internet has taken on a more general use, but until this change is reflected in dictionaries, most style guides will continue to advise writers to capitalize it.”

Marvin Lin is the Internet.

People are starting to wake up-up, believing in the extraterrestrial as an antithesis to persuasion; D/P/I is the final boss of the internet. Elliot Hulse in “DEPRESSION SESSION” is merely the first chapter of battles. Another battle down the line is listening to “DEPRESSION SESSION” while watching the blue-sky haze w/in the clouds as cornerstone bricolage of drawing lines across dots only you see in the atmosphere’s vast matrix. You’re asleep on the beach; in bed; waking from sounds outside your tent; a hole in the blow-up bed; “Isn’t this your stop?” Exacerbating bad-luck nomenclature providing [non]existence upon modern escape from visual entertainment. We are nowhere far from the last 30 years. Una chica de Harlem nombres Deja se está casando a ਭਾਰਤ ਤੋਂ ਆਏ ਮਨੁੱਖ ਨੂੰ ਵਯੂ ਨਾਮ ਦਿੱਤਾ ਗਿਆ Vu, and shit gets wild romantic. The only way out the bathdub is decontextualizing the ank valve. Every night is too be free w/ “DEPRESSION SESSION.” Available for DJ parties — for booking, email


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