1994: Graveyard Productions - The Havoc

We’ve been stuck in this graveyard for way too long, man. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that batch Eric sold us must’ve gone bad or something — why the hell did we even come out here? I mean, it was cool for a while, but this is getting weird. I feel like we’re definitely on the downhill right now; it’d probably be a good idea if we……did you just fucking see that???

Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’ve got to get out of here, man. Please can we just go? I hate to be the one to freak out, but this is just too much. I can’t even tell what’s real and what’s just me being paranoid anymore. Seriously, I hate being here, this is fucking insane — please can you just be my friend right now and help me find my way home? I don’t even know why everyone started acting all fucked up, like, I was talking to Tim before he wandered off, and he was telling me some really intense shit about his friend in the military and how, like, apparently when you’re in it, it’s just all about power dynamics and control. I guess his friend had some fucked up relationship with his commanding officer or whatever, like he just couldn’t stand being under someone’s thumb like that, and he was saying that apparently it got to this point where he actually snuck into the guy’s room one night and tried to murder him. I mean, is everybody just going fucking insane right now??

Dude, can you please just say something??? You’ve just been standing there staring at me; it’s seriously starting to fuck with me. I feel like I’m the only person even out here right now. It’s just been so fucking long, it’s so dark, it’s… dude, please don’t do that. Seriously, this whole situation is already fucked enough, I really don’t need…WHAT THE FUCK. What are you doing, man!?!?!?!!!!? Where the fuck did you get that? What kind of sick fucking FUCK STOP OH MY GOD STOP PLEASE DUDE I JUST WANT TO GO HOME I JUST WANT TO FUCKING LEAVE OH GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD STOP PLEASE FUCKING LET GO OF MY FACE YOU SICK FUCKING PSYCHO FUCK JUST STOP PLEASE PLEASE FUCKING GOD PLEASE


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