2008: Nazi UFO Commander - “Declaration”

Hey P,

As we discussed at the Sip ‘n Dip, here is the “Declaration” transcript, written up and decoded as best as I could manage. I think we’re okay to share this around, although I admit its contents make me a little uneasy.

Peculiarities of diction lead me to believe that the witness is either not speaking his native language, intoxicated, or, fuck it, both.

I still have doubts about the authenticity of the documents — the method of redaction, for example, is not, as far as I am aware, used in any other classified document filed by the FBI, the CIA, MI5, MI6, the CSIS/SCRS, the ASIS, or the NZSIS. There are a few other slight indications of fraud; the redaction method is just the most obvious one.

That said, there can be no doubt that the technical information the witness provides is accurate. This, in addition to lab analysis of printed materials that verifies the given dates (see [Report ZULU 1 4 9 GOLF 0 ALPHA echo 4 hotel]), makes it essential that the testimony recorded on the “Declaration” tape is retained for future analysis and study pending further activity in Central or Eastern Europe or either of the polar regions.

Furthermore, against the arguments presented in [Report KILO 0 1 8 KILO golf GOLF BRAVO 2 ALPHA], I am not inclined to believe that the witness is psychologically disturbed in any pronounced way, given the resources available for diagnosis. Any falsehoods or fabrications included in the statement are just as likely motivated by a desire to impress, for reasons of pride or profit.

My professional opinion is that the value of this testimony is primarily technical. The biopolitical/sociological stuff I am not prepared to dismiss out of hand — I would rather place it in parentheses pending further research. It should come as no surprise that the activities of the Collective overlap with the activities of other secret organizations worldwide. I believe that if we could verify this part of the testimony it would prove extremely valuable for recruitment purposes.

Let me know how you want me to proceed. Love to Katie and Miles.


DOCUMENT INSERT: 10/11/60. Testimony recorded on open-reel audio tape a/k/a the “Declaration” tape. Transcript encrypted using FBI regulation encryption methods of that era. Redactions retained. The identity of the witness is unknown. The location of the recording is unknown. The tape is sealed and marked “CLASSIFIED CONFIDENTIAL 1-A” / “DIRECTOR’S EARS ONLY” / “BLUE BOOK ADDENDUM”

“Declaration” transcript, w/ redactions

I know this: a spacecraft crashed in a remote part of Germany in the late 1930s. Fortunately, it was not destroyed. Once reverse engineering began, we quickly made progress.

We developed an engine which turned a free energy machine into an energy converter. It was coupled to a ____ [“band/banned”] Generator and _____ vortex dynamo. They [sic] affected gravity and reduced mass.

This device we mounted on to a [“tear-shaped/T-shaped”] craft covered with _____. We armed the craft with heavy guns. These guns had cascade oscillators connected to a long-barrel shrouded transmission rod. The rod was wrapped in a precise [sic] tungsten spiral. The resulting burst could pierce _____ enemy armour, but the guns destabilized the craft. We then started to use ______.

The first craft, the ______, was 25m in diameter. It had a crew of ______ and could achieve the velocity ______ low altitude. Further enhancement enabled them [sic] to reach ______. Flight endurance was 18 hours.

The ______ was 26m in diameter. It had a crew of ______. It could achieve supersonic speeds with a flight endurance of 18 hours.

The ______ was 71m in diameter. It had a crew of ______. It could achieve hypersonic speeds with a flight endurance of 8 weeks.

Eventually the ______ arrived. ______ initially contacted [Hitler] in a covert fashion. Upon seeing ______ we ______. We then came to learn they came from ______. They were the ones who initially created ______ as part of ______ [an] experiment. Upon learning that the crew of the previous spacecraft had perished, they left with a promise to return.

The ______ was used to evacuate certain key personnel to ______ and other ______ locations. ______ [R&D] on these projects continued in underground installations. ______ our work continued. The ______ returned. They had received orders to begin ______. They assumed control of our operations.

We instructed a number of our scientists to surrender to the Allies. We could then ensure that the Allies would not discover our technology. They instead directed NASA to more primitive, liquid fuel types of propulsion. They built rockets instead of highly navigable spacecraft. They went to the moon long after we had established underground bases there.

______. ______ [we have discovered that] ______ were there first. That ______ were created there. ______ . That the massive monuments ______ were built by ______ under the direction of ______. ______ the hieroglyphs on the structures can [also] be found ______. ______ the bones of the killed by excessive ______ are still scattered all over ______.

The ______has begun. We are now working with an elite society ______. Vast underground facilities have been constructed ______ throughout Antarctica. Evacuation centers have been established ______. ______ interconnected colonies, based entirely on [the] pursuit of the development of science and technology as a means to bring about the ______, exist throughout the world.

Massive projects involving the study of the brain are ongoing. Key figures in ______ Europe have been tested and subjected to post-hypnotic programming. Genetic testing has been performed ______.

______ ultimate goal is to restore order ______. ______ restricted by ______ laws which govern abandoned projects. ______ were not destroyed ______, ______ must be eliminated in order to resume the project. The salvageable ______ must be rescued, and the rest must be allowed to naturally ______.

______. This is done using a variety of methods.

______ care is taken to ensure the intellectually superior are ______ made to feel remorse regarding their intelligence. This is done by promoting the ______ intellectually weak as role models.

______ violence, crime, ______ females ______ glorified.

Aberrant sexuality is to be condoned and protected.

Abortion is to be promoted as the first viable alternative to giving birth.

Those who are financially successful will be looked on as inherently corrupt and exploited. They will try making charitable donations. The donations ______ will feed the ______ classes. This in turn will keep the ______ classes from rising above their station. This redistribution of the wealth, through taxes and charity, will eventually eliminate the ______ classes. The resulting mass of uneducated, resourceless ______ will ______ easy ______, ______ control ______ their own self-destructive tendencies.

______. ______. ______ will be instructed to blame themselves, and their culture, for the shortcomings of others. They will excuse destructive behaviour. They will eliminate the death penalty and petition for the rights of their destroyers.

They will oppose war, because war ultimately strengthens ______, [they will] adopt a passive position. They will voluntarily give up ______ and surrender ______ in response to disinformation. They will not reproduce, based on artificial concerns.

We are now entering the next phase _____.

The “Declaration” recording:


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