1960s: Various Artists - Singapore A-Go-Go

It’s something hearing music from another place and time, and especially when it’s nothing like you’d expect it would be. Sublime Frequencies do a great job of not only raiding the stash of some other country’s uncle’s sock drawer, but also illustrating that there are freaks everywhere. Just about everybody has an uncle, and uncles keep things in their sock drawers, even in Singapore. Singapore: where they made a pasty patty out of Michael P. Fay’s rump with a cane! Wouldn’t you think them so uptight for not digging a little American graffiti? Why? How could they ever excel in the realms of “forgotten” psychedelic pop music?

Well, just like Burma and Thailand before it, we’re proven again that The Shaggs and the Deerhoofs and the Jandeks of the world are ubiquitous. Who said freak folk is dead? It just grew up and turned into something from the past, man. Let that freak flag fly.





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