2007: They Still Make Those? Music Videos of 2007

I know the music video may seem antiquated in today's television environment, but to ignore the growth of the medium via the ever-expanding internet would be negligent. In fact, I beg to offer a whole new hypothesis: the music video is just entering its Golden Age.

We all hold onto the videos of our youth, and even I am guilty of believing there will never again be a period like the ‘80s, when MTV and VH1 actually delivered on every end of their brand name. Now, however, thanks to YouTube and its offspring, we can not only relive the days of hair and grunge, but we can also discover a whole new crop of avant visualists and gung-ho artists looking to combine cutting-edge film with unappreciated music.

Rather than focus on the tiny world of videos brought to us by MP3 devices and supposed music-based networks, let us turn our attention to some of the best videos of 2007 that gave the lower- and middle-class musicians a chance to shine.


YACHT – “Women of the World”

Jona Bechtolt — better known as YACHT — bequeaths a mash-up of energy and fanaticism. There's nothing fancy or inventive about the video, but it dares you to avert your eyes from the seizure-inducing graphics. Go ahead and try — I dare you.

Black Dice – “Kokomo”

Black Dice's vision of a multi-colored world infiltrated by ADD-riddled television advertisements makes for great Anti-Capitalist propaganda should you house some consumerist Alex DeLarge in need of strict discipline.

Dr. Dog – “My Old Ways”

Dr. Dog delivers a stenciled Rogers and Hammerstein homage in the guise of classic rock ‘n' roll.

Dan Deacon – “Crystal Cat”

“Crystal Cat” is reminiscent of a segment from Wonder Showzen. It's a train wreck of horrendous proportions, but to advert your glare would mean giving up the warm, fuzzy daydream that you are a part of the magnificent mess.

Fujiya & Miyagi – “Ankle Injuries”

Don't give me the “Fell In Love With a Girl” rip-off speech. Any gambler worth his weight in gold will tell you dice are infinitely cooler than Legos. I don't see you rolling hard eights with lego men and raking in chips awash with the salty tears of losers.

Les Breastfeeders – “Viens Avec Moi”

It isn't so much about the track as it is the video with “Viens Avec Moi.” I never knew a French mod band could capture the thrill, terror, and comedy of a classic horror movie chase scene. Those French — they're so incredibly... French.

Animal Collective – “Peacebone”

Taking our attention away from the mixed reactions to Strawberry Jam, we put it on the wonderfully twisted vision of Animal Collective once more. AC has been in the business of disturbingly hilarious videos for quite sometime, but I don't think any have delivered such ghoulish delight as this tale of monster romance.

The Fiery Furnaces – “Ex-Guru”

An ‘80s throwback in style and story, for some reason this video conjures up images of “Rio” or “Shock the Monkey” with how weird and grainy the footage is. But leave it up to a band who can't decide on a sound not to decide on one singular idea.

Deerhunter – “Strange Lights”

Bradford Cox turns his negative life experiences into a strobed performance only Alex DeLarge (yeah, him again) could sympathize with.

Aesop Rock – “Coffee”

The Rob Zombie horror fetish in all of us gets a healthy feeding.

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