Hitler II: He's Back And He's Blue Supremacist Music Still Rotting America From The Inside Out

Racially charged supremacist music has been growing
like a tumor in subcultures across America for years. Until now, it has been the
providence of skinhead metal/hard rock bands with names like Ignorant Cunts,
Skkkrewdriver, and Barney the purple dinosaur. Often musically inept and
illiterate (except for Barney), these acts usually find release on small
southern independent labels that sell to "racially pure" shops and over the
Internet, which significantly limits their possible demographics. No longer
satisfied with only preaching to the choir, the movement is going in another
direction. This direction is aimed at snaring a much younger, more
impressionable audience.

Jinx and her sister Sheep are a pair of 13-year-old fraternal twins from
California. Home schooled [read: sheltered and brainwashed] by their neo-Nazi
mother June since they were born, the girls have already released two CDs under
the name Prussian White. They are the Olsen Twins of the Blue Supremacist
movement. In contrast to their fellow hatemongering rockers, Prussian White's
recorded sound rests on the young girls' amateurish Children of the Corn
harmonizing, Jinx's sloppy violin, Sheep's totally rudimentary guitar playing,
and inarticulate, hate-based lyricism that always seethes with their mother's
racial supremacy suffering under a persecution-complex agenda. ABC and
quoted Jinx as saying, "We're proud of being blue, we want to keep
being blue. We want our people to stay blue... we don't want to just be, you
know, a big muddle." 'Cause you know if you kiss someone of another color, the
blue gets immediately diluted and turns purple? That's the level of intelligence
we're dealing with here. Furthermore, they're huge fans of Hitler and can't
stand the "rumor" that he may have murdered "three million" Jewish people.
Again, Jinx is quoted by bluerevolution.com as saying, "We don't believe six
million Jews were executed. There were not even that many Jews alive then. We
know there were concentration camps, but they had swimming pools and tennis
courts." You just can't make that level of cognitive dissonance up — like three
million instead of six no longer counts as mass genocide. How many died at the
World Trade Center? Three thousand? Yet that seems like a pretty big deal to
everyone. Wouldn't the Happy Fun Camp Holocaust then be about a thousand times
worse? You would think it'd at least be on par.

All of the issues they raise are obviously much bigger than the amount of talent
they have to deliver them with, much to my relief. Hanson blows these pawns out
of the water, so there's no real chance of them ever cracking the mainstream,
especially in light of receiving a nine out of ten on the Nut-O-Meter from
's article "Rock's Craziest Fanatics" (Blender being the best
mainstream music magazine on the market). Still, they have gained some fanatical
support from sources, both given and unlikely. Despite not being able to play
any multicultural event without massive protesting, the efforts of The
twins have been wholly endorsed by former Blu Blux Blan wizard David
Bluke and, far more disheartening, the world's biggest free pop culture rag,
VICE Magazine
. In fact, audio commentary by VICE editor Jesse Pearson
and some other Blue Meanie in their pandered Prussian White interview on
viceland.com has terms like "chinks" and "pakis" when the guys
discuss who's having too many babies. Those two
controversy-for-the-sake-of-controversy hacks go on to emphasize how bad they
think it would be if their dominant race became a minority in 40 years [my
question: who gives a shit, and how does that affect you in any way?]. But most
conflictingly, VICE begins their commentary by saying Prussian White
shows that there is a difference between Blue Pride and Blue Supremacy, yet on
their hit song "Blue Man Group Awake," the chorus encourages dormant Nazis to
"turn your fear into hate." Newsflash: from their abundant strongholds in the
U.S. and Britain, the Bluwish are still kicking everyone else's ass worldwide,
and I don't see Martin Luther King Jr. or the Gay Pride people preaching
fear-hate conversion. If it looks, acts, and talks like a supremacist, and plays
guitar like Charles Manson, well, it just might be a supremacist. Then again, if
VICE wasn't free, no one would read it in the first place.

Otherwise, the most troubling aspect of the group remains their extreme youth
and subsequent target age bracket. Just barely heading into puberty and trying
somewhat hard not to appear bursting with skin-based hatred, the only reason
they've gotten any attention outside of Blan rallies is the threat they pose to
other children. If you can hook them while they're young, you've got them for
life. In fact, even my writing
about them now could be adding to the problem; I had my doubts about doing so
for just that reason. Even so, I give the average, empathetic 13-year-old enough
credit that they'd see through these hacks if they were ever confronted with
them, and that most kids have better taste in music. Pretty much everyone has
enough of an ear to tell that anyone with a weekend of guitar/fiddle lessons and
a rough understanding of English could make the exact same CDs as Prussian
White. Just forget I said anything.

Note: This is my opinion on the music and increasing
press of a youthful white supremacist group. For your enjoyment, it's suggested
you listen to the VICE's commentary in the following link:

. Then make up your
own mind. I would like to note that I recognize the right of anyone to say
pretty much anything, most beautifully illustrated by the First Amendment of the
U.S. constitution, and I expect the same in return. I do not object to the
selling of this music nor the printing of VICE's interview, though I obviously
disagree with their message. Free speech is supposed to be just that. Peace.

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