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Favorite AlbumsEureka!DeLorean Discoveries2007 Tiny Mix TapeTop 20 Album CoversThey Still Make Music Videos?What's Up, Baltimore?The Road to Nowhere Leads to...The SnorksNew Happenin's in 2008?  When Hell Freezes Over

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Year-End Lists:

- Tiny Mix Tapes Favorite Albums of 2007
- Eureka! Albums of 2007
- DeLorean Discoveries
- 2007 Tiny Mix Tape
- Top 25 Album Covers of 2007

Year-End Articles:

- “They Still Make Music Videos?” by Jspicer
- “What’s Up, Baltimore?” by Judy Ain’t No Punk
- “The Road To Nowhere Leads to… The Snorks” by Gumshoe
- “New Happenin’s in 2008? Maybe When Hell Freezes Over” by Ed Irving

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