Welcome to TMT's 6th Annual Take Your Kids to Work Day!

We're not going to lie. Music critics can be a rather annoying bunch. On the one hand, we're loudmouth literate brats who yell, kick, and scream our opinions at people until we drown out the voices of everyone around us, and on the other hand... well, deep down, we all just want you to love us.

Sounds a bit childish doesn't it? Which got us thinking. If we're nothing but a bunch of overgrown children who don't know when to shut it, why not give actual children the chance to strut their stuff? So, welcome to TMT's 6th Annual Take Your Kids to Work Day! A day when we let our little brothers, sisters, cousins, and children take over TMT to remind us how fun it is to break out a box of crayons and start coloring outside the lines again.

Here's what you'll find:

- NEWS: Modest Mouse by Luke Lindberg (age 12), brother of Emceegreg (+)
- NEWS: Stephin Merritt by Octavia (age 9), daughter of Azucar (+)
- NEWS: Kiss by Thomas Cadmus (age 13), cousin of Chadwicked (+)
- NEWS: Kanye West by Alyssa Coscarelli (age 14), sister of Joseph Coscarelli (+)

- REVIEW: Enon by Kurt Collette (age 12), son of Katiedid (+)
- REVIEW: Silver Daggers by Izzy Noodles (age 9 months), son of David Nadelle (+)
- REVIEW: Tiny Masters of Today by Eve Gliddon (age 7), daughter of Chris Gliddon (+)

- DeLorean: Stooges by James Ubaghs (age 17), brother of Charles Ubaghs (+)
- DeLorean: Self by Jessica Roth (age 12) and Samuel Roth (age 11), cousins of Plastique Song (+)

- Article: Song Association with The Roesgens by Emma Roesgen (age 3) and Hannah Roesgen (age 1), daughters of JeffRoesgen (+)

[Regular updates will resume Monday]

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