Adam Green Jacket Full of Danger

[Rough Trade; 2006]

Rating: 1.5/5

Styles: anti-anti-folk, indie lounge act
Others: The Moldy Peaches, Kimya Dawson, Danzig

Adam Green: I don't get it. It's not cute or clever. Not smart. Pluck any 15-year-old out of his or her biology class and you can squeeze the same substance out. It's lewd, but not funny lewd. It's different, but irritating different. It's just annoying to listen to. Why? Well, what happens when mold turns to rot? It stinks, for one.

There are traces of too many songs to mention. They are all laughed at and paid homage to simultaneously, but it's awkward and painful — like pooping with a broken back. (That last sentence is right up Adam Green's alley; feel free to steal it, sir.) This is Jim Morrison at his worst. This is Julian Casablancas sober of biker beer, but chewing on mushrooms. This is a hipster's commentary on viewing Casablanca. This is Danzig as a lounge singer. It's corny non-sequiturs sung in a baritone with an orchestra section.

Adam Green: I don't get it.

1. Pay the Toll
2. Hollywood Bowl
3. Vultures
4. Novotel
5. Party Line
6. Hey Dude
7. Nat King Cole
8. C-Birds
9. Animal Dreams
10. Cast a Shadow
11. Drugs
12. Jolly Good
13. Watching Old Movies
14. White Women
15. Hairy Women

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