Aereogramme Seclusion

[Sonic Unyon; 2006]

Styles: post-rock, guitar rock
Others: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, A Silver Mt. Zion

Progression without pretension or posturing is impressive. Aereogramme seems to have arrived at their present location through pacing rather than pressing (the issues, excessive buttons, stickers with clever slogans). Seclusion is like an outburst””a burst out of confinement. This wallop of an album is a battering ram at your bathroom door, lighting your cigarette with a blowtorch, placing blame with cinder bricks. It's focused and intense””like a strategy was discussed in-studio prior to the picking up of instruments. It's one Flaming Lips cover ("Lightning Strikes the Postman"), one selection that wouldn't be out of place on Kid A ("I Don't Need Your Love"), and an epic working as a microcosm of the entire album ("The Unraveling"). What we have here is an abrasive massage””the softest hands of the most celebrated masseuse in the Western or Eastern world wearing sandpaper gloves. Aereogramme hurts, but handles with care. If you shaved away all the electronic and guitar noise that lathers up this sonic palate, you'd still have something””not a semblance, but more like a sturdy structure of a song. Aereogramme remain something.

1. Inkwell
2. Dreams and Bridges
3. The Unraveling
4. I Don't Need Your Love
5. Lightning Strikes the Postman
6. Alternate Score