Aids Wolf The Lovvers LP

[Lovepump United; 2005]

Styles: grimy, high-pitched, dance-y shriek-rawk
Others: Six Finger Satellite, Pigeon, really old Deerhoof

Obeying the eye-catching shock value of their name, Aids Wolf will do anything, anytime, anywhere to get your attention, whether appropriate or deemed illegal by Texas law. Skull-fucking noise-ridden skronk with a neon-pink toy penis originally copyrighted by Arab On Radar, The Lovver's LP matches the outrageousness of its album art – all four band members naked (a trendy practice of late), spliced into calico design and swirls of color – with confusing, confounding swatches of sound that leave a distinct taste in the mouth, often a bad one. The most distressing passages find the quartet showing us how smock-worthy they can be by sitting back and letting their amps fry in acid baths of feedback, while the lead singer howls and shrieks like a backwoods banshee.

When you get down to the peas and carrots of this thing, it's best to catch-as-catch-can. With Made In Mexico and others pulling moldy turnips from the same garden of discordant guitar rot, jibber-jabber fem vocals, and cymbal-splashing drumming, the pool's getting a bit full for another obnoxious imp to jump in with an oversized flotation device, a rack of ribs resting on her/his bulbous stomach, and thick barbecue sauce stains coating the fingers (which he/she licks periodically).

But Aids Wolf deserve a spot to cool their cocks/cunts, if not a beachfront to call their own. Their dedication to sharp shards of tandem out-of-tune guitars, simple-Simon drumming that often consists of bass drum and cymbals alone -- if not a four-on-the-floor dance beat -- and the aforementioned goblety-gook singing is admirable, if not always latently listenable. But remember: It's not about the angle of the dangle, it's about the grouse of the trouser mouse; in other words, these folks are likely a religious experience in the right live setting. Excuse me for a moment ... And Ah one, and ah two, and ah three: Everyone has AIDS! AIDS AIDS AIDS! AIDS-AIDS-AIDS-AIDS, AIDS AIDS!!! AIDS AIDS AIDS!!!!!

1. Spit Tastes like Metal
2. Chinese Roulette
3. We Multiply
4. The Hat Collector
5. Vampire King
6. Panty Mind
7. Opposing Walls
8. Some Sexual Drawings

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