Alias Plane That Draws a White Line (with Tarsier)

[Anticon; 2006]

Styles: instrumental, hip-hop sample-trained electronica, taxtronica, IDM
Others: Boom Bip, Mum, Fennesz, cLOUDDEAD, Why?, The Postal Service

Alias and Tarsier complement each other. If you've ever had the sense that Alias' instrumental offerings were lacking something, fret no more. A voice ”” a voice to take on those compositions and catapult them to heights unattained. Alias, like Mark Bell to Tarsier's Björk, support and supplement one another. Let's observe just how they complement each other.

Alias: You really provide my instrumentals with something great, Tarsier ”” an added oomph.
Tarsier: Why, thank you, Alias. I wouldn't be anywhere without the music you've made, though.
Alias: Oh, you are far too kind.
Tarsier: It's fortunate that you left your former pieces absent of all singers and rappers.
Alias: I suppose it is.
Tarsier: Indeed. Otherwise you would have never attracted me to them. I would've been too discouraged. But I heard your music and thought it needed something else.
Alias: I'll take that as a compliment.
Tarsier: You should! I also like your beard.
Alias: Well, thank you. I'll tell the wife. By the way, did I mention she enjoys all the songs you've sung to my music?
Tarsier: I think you have.
Alias: Oh, well, you can receive the compliment twice over. She also likes your fashion sense. And the fact that we are miles apart when we do music together.
Tarsier: I liked Deep Puddle Dynamics.
Alias: I like your prior producer compadre, Healamonster.
Tarsier: I like your friends ”” Neotropic, Nosdam, and Boom Bip. They are giving.
Alias: As is your mother. Those cookies she baked for me were delicious. Give my compliments to the chef.
Tarsier: Will do. I like your friend Sole.
Alias: Like him, or like like him?
Tarsier: I like like him.
Alias: No you don't. You're just being silly.
Tarsier: I know, I know. Don't blame a girl for having a sense of humor.
Alias: Oh, I don't. I admire your sense of humor. I think it's sharp.
Tarsier: You play drum machines well.

And so they continue to compliment each other. They complement each other well. The usage of compliment/complement can be confusing, but a music journalist must make do. Alias and Tarsier (if they are smart and obliging) = 2gether 4ever.

1. Plane That Draws a White Line
2. Nocturnal Eye
3. 9:24 Cigarette (Version 1)
4. Sleepy.
5. Plane That Draws a White Line (Boom Bip remix)
6. Rissing Sun (christ. red shift remix)
7. 5 Year Eve (Neotropic remix)
8. Ligaya (Odd Nosdam remix)
9. Dr. C (Healamonster remix)