Alkaline Trio From Here to Infirmary

[Vagrant; 2001]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: punk-pop, indie-punk, emo
Others: Pennywise, Link 80

The Alkaline Trio, Chicagoland's favorite pop-punk/emo band, are at it again. It seems ages ago that their Asian Man Records full-length debut, Goddamnit, was released; in reality it was only three years previous. That energetic, raw disc provided the majority of their fan base - it's to Alkaline Trio fans what the Blue Album is to Weezer fans. The Trio followed it up with 2000's Maybe I'll Catch Fire, along with an eponymous 7" & rarities collection the same year. Almost exactly one year, a new drummer, and a label change later, we have From Here to Infirmary. Question is, does it return to the sweet punk pastures of Goddamnit  or rehash the formulaic riffs of MICF? Bad news, hombres. Not only does the Trio's first MTV-advertised album lack a wealth of memorable tunes, but the shiny production and dumb n' jaded lyrics are a step in the wrong direction, too. The good side of the coin? It's still a disc full of catchy pop punk, and it still *sounds* like the Alkaline Trio. If you simply must own all of this band's releases, as I must, go for it. Casual fans and those with a one-disc interest should stick to the classic Goddamnit.

1. Private Eye
2. Mr. Chainsaw
3. Take Lots With Alcohol
4. Stupid Kid
5. Another Innocent Girl
6. Steamer Trunk
7. You're Dead
8. Armageddon
9. I'm Dying Tomorrow
10. Bloodied Up
11. Trucks and Trains
12. Crawl