Amestory Amestory

[Portia; 2005]

Rating: 2.5/5

Styles: indie pop, indie rock, chamber pop
Others: Death Cab for Cutie, Lili Haydn , Jeff Hanson

This week on The Continental:

Ah, please come in. Would you like a cigarette and some champag-ne? It is such a beautiful night out tonight, isn't it? Oh, you want your Amestory CD back? I will get it for you in due time. As you can tell, I'm enjoying its fruits as we speak. No no no, please don't go! I'll be happy to give it back to you once this song ends. Please sit down and have some champag-ne. It shouldn't be much longer.

What's that you say? The album helps you sleep? Well yes, I couldn't agree more. "Constants" is my personal favorite for bedtime pleasures. No no no, please don't leave! By pleasure, I meant sleep... sleep. You prefer the slow piano of "Seul Dans l'Air" or the acoustic balladry of "Electric Avenue." Unfortunately, it's not an Eddy Grant cover, yet I could see those being excellent for putting you in the mood to sleep... with me.

Why are you rushing for the door? I haven't given you your CD back yet, and I get so lonely at night. At least stay here and finish listening to "Track 04." You too find it absurd that a song named "Track 04" is really the ninth song on an album? I thought I was alone. Here, have another glass of champag-ne. Oh no, I'd never take advantage of a drunken woman. Especially during the never-ending, high pitched guitar parts and flat organs. I would rather die right here where I lie than dare intrude the pseudo-delicacy of "Track 04" (which is really track 9). How about just one little kiss... OUCH! That hurt! Why'd you slap me? I was trying to comfort you. No, please don't take your CD and barge out. Please! I'm so lonely! [Door slams in the Continental's sourpuss]

What will I ever do without her or her Amestory CD? Ah, I guess there are always the thousands of other bands who make sweet and melancholy chamber pop. I need something to fall asleep to during these lonely, quiet nights. Maybe another glass of champag-ne before I sleep, but "Scotch" would have been better. Where did I leave that number for the escort service anyway?

1. North
2. Perfect Block
3. They're Telling You You Have Been Alive
4. Constants
5. Seul Dans l'Air
6. Turn In
7. In the Back
8. Scotch
9. Track 04
10. The Sea and the Sky
11. Electric Avenue
12. Waking Up