Angel Molina Fragil Discos Mix: Pasada Profesional

[Red Label; 2003]

Rating: 4/5

Styles: IDM, minimal electronic
Others: Kid 606, Oval, Fennesz

When this album arrived on my doorstep, I confess I wasn't all that excited. All I knew was that it was a mix CD of Argentinean electronic music, which equated to tropicalisimo dance music in my mind. I was still skeptical even after reading the bio and seeing that Angel Molina, the mix's compiler (who is from Spain), described this as an Argentinean version of German electronic music while listing Oval, Fennesz, and Kraftwerk among the inspirations. However, this is one of those times I was delighted to have been completely and utterly wrong.

Shame on me for assuming there wasn't music this fresh and innovative in South America. I suppose it's just easier to associate such minimal and careful music with the passionately efficient Germans. But the concise squawks and eerie pulses of central Europe are effectively produced and manipulated by these artists. Amazingly, the songs also fill the stylistic spectrum almost completely, boasting fragile, crystalline soundscapes, abrasively processed signals, and glossy, complex breakbeats with equal competency.

A lot of credit is due for Molina, as well. He mixes these tracks seamlessly, making a disc that flows from theme to theme and track to track on waves of highly versatile beats. These beats ebb and flow with one another, to the ends that the whole 47 minutes are cohesive and easily consumed, but without ever feeling repetitive.

This album is hopefully a bellwether of music to come from previously untapped geographic regions; it's a rousing success featuring individual, regional flair while also flawlessly referencing its influences. While not terribly groundbreaking, it provides exciting evidence that a relatively unknown group of artists are more than adept at creating music that can stand up with the heavyweights in IDM.

1. Campanitas/ Ciao Morocco
2. Let"s Rock (Voz)
3. Andy Loops
4. Clap 4
5. Pol-Pol
6. Diacido
7. Pasta De Cristal Congelado
8. Diacido/ Enamorados/ Dialogo B
9. Nos Danas/ Orba ( Cian Mix)/ Nudo
10. Circus (Loop)
11. Angel
12. Ascensor (De Aluminio)/ No Es Para Palabras Escritas
13. No es para palabras escritas

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