Ash Free All Angels

[Mushroom; 2002]

Styles: pop rock, pop punk, alternative
Others: Weezer, Superdrag, Teenage Fanclub

Dear Music Fan,
In the grand scheme of the music universe Ash is really nothing. They're a talented band that the UK press hails as a great live act not to be missed, but at the moment, the reason why we should see them remains to be seen from their latest release Free All Angels.

Free All Angels copped vibe (and songs) stride the power-pop-punk vibe popularized by the Weezer (who have lost their own critical focus with their half-assed comeback). Ash's latest attempt follows the checklist to a T. 

Power-pop chords played with loads of distortion and melody? Check ("Cherry Bomb," "Walking Barefoot").  A little bit of mellow drama with your power ballads? Check ("Sometimes").  Feel good vibe the Beach Boys created? Check (the album as a whole).

So we have an album full of sing along power pop nuggets that unfortunately have no critical value, as lead Asher, Tim Wheeler, is merely playing the game and looking for stardom. All Ash wants is a little American popular love. Is that too much to ask? While Free All Angels may be a critical failure; on the other hand, a conflicted question arises when you realize that Ash hit just the right spot when all you want to do is drive and sing along. Hmmm could it be that Ash isn't that bad? Could it be they're just mindless entertainment in the same vain as boy toy groups but in a different genre? Yeah probably so.

P.S. Let us not forget about Ash's self indulgence and self-glorification diva type status they try to pull off on their super bonus, extra special, DVD disk included as a limited edition extra to the first pressing of Free All Angels. The DVD shouldn't be taken more serious than a goldfish hitting its head against the tank, as all it shows is Ash's purely mindless self-indulgence/glorification. Honestly the ego that rides on the DVD is enormous and for a band that barely fills clubs in America, well these guys (and lady) should just get drunk. 1. Walking Barefoot
2. Shining Light
3. Burn Baby Burn
4. Candy
5. Cherry Bomb
6. Submission
7. Someday
8. Pacific Palisades
9. Shark
10. Sometimes
11. Nicole
12. There's a Star
13. World Domination